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Emergency Numbers
Toll Free Numbers
List of Emergency Numbers
1A.P.S.R.T.C Enquiry257082
2DM & HO255133
3Electricity Office221918, 221919
4Fire Station255101, 255147
5Government Hospital255422, 255423
6Head Postoffice250210
7Income Tax Office220885
8Kurnool STD Code8518
9LIC of India221820
10MRO Office220613
11Municipal Corporation Office236700, 220051
12Police Control Room221001
13Police Station - I Town240012
14Police Station - II Town220189
15Police Station - III Town277187
16Police Station - IV Town259462
17Police Station - Mahila223788
18Police Station - Taluk220100
19Railway Enquiry220110
20RTO Office270196
21Water Works250107, 220207